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Latest round-up on closed colleges

17 private colleges in Ireland closed between April 2014 and May 2015. Below is a round-up of the legal position of the companies behind each college at 5 August 2017.

Where there has been no liquidation – i.e. the majority of the closed colleges – there is no possibility of a refund (Read why). Only two liquidations are complete (English in Dublin and Cogan International). 6 colleges remain in liquidation and, in almost all cases, we do not expect any money to be available for return to students at the end of the process (Read why).

Any future updates after the date of this post can be accessed by clicking the links below:

Further colleges which were not part of the 2014/15 closures have also ceased operations more recently:

Closed college round-up – June 2016

Just over two years on from the start of the college closures, some of the companies behind the colleges have been legally dissolved, some remain in liquidation (a process to manage the closing down of a company) and some are not in liquidation, which effectively means they can be expected to stay in a state of limbo until they are struck off and dissolved.
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Coverage of reforms asks: ‘What about those who have already been affected?’

Minister for Justice and Equality interviewed

On Monday, the Irish government announced a number policy reforms, including measures to protect advance fees paid by students in future.

The media coverage regarding the reforms included references and questions from journalists about students who have already been affected.  Links to the main news items are included here: Continue reading

Department of Education and Skills releases statement on International Education Reforms

Following today’s protest by students and staff hit by college closures, the Department of Education has released a joint statement with the Department of Justice. It commits the government to signing off on reform plans ‘in the next two weeks’.

“The two Departments have … produced a package of reforms to the student immigration system for international education which will be brought to Government for its approval in the next two weeks. These reforms will drive a restructuring in the sector which will improve the overall quality of offering to international students, improve protection for learners, enhance Ireland’s reputation and diminish negative impacts on the Irish labour market and social protection costs, strongly in line with the goals of Ireland’s international education strategy.”