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Latest round-up on closed colleges

17 private colleges in Ireland closed between April 2014 and May 2015. Below is a round-up of the legal position of the companies behind each college at 5 August 2017.

Where there has been no liquidation – i.e. the majority of the closed colleges – there is no possibility of a refund (Read why). Only two liquidations are complete (English in Dublin and Cogan International). 6 colleges remain in liquidation and, in almost all cases, we do not expect any money to be available for return to students at the end of the process (Read why).

Any future updates after the date of this post can be accessed by clicking the links below:

Further colleges which were not part of the 2014/15 closures have also ceased operations more recently:

Closed college round-up – June 2016

Just over two years on from the start of the college closures, some of the companies behind the colleges have been legally dissolved, some remain in liquidation (a process to manage the closing down of a company) and some are not in liquidation, which effectively means they can be expected to stay in a state of limbo until they are struck off and dissolved.
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20th January 2016 confirmed as date for new ILEP and 8 month English visas

BIG changes for English language students from 20th January 2016

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Student Question: What is the position of students who have not yet returned to class but are looking to renew?

We know that many students have found it difficult to afford another course following a closure. On the other hand, there is a need to enrol with another college for anyone wanting to renew their current visa because this is what the immigration service has said: “Where a student is seeking to renew their immigration permission at the expiry of their current permission they should note that they will be required to demonstrate that they have enrolled on a new course at a new college. This should be done in good time prior to the expiry of your permission.” If someone goes to renew and has done very few weeks of study during a whole year’s immigration permission, we expect they will have problems renewing.