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Closed colleges: The Sunday Times on what inspectors found when visiting

The Sunday Times has used Freedom of Information rules to obtain inspection reports on a number of closed colleges. It is a remarkable read. Here are just some of the revelations… Continue reading

More closures expected with launch of ILEP

As reported in The Sunday Independent, further closures are expected after English language school rules to come into force on Wednesday 20th January. This is the date for publication of the new ILEP visa list which will show only those courses and colleges which have met stricter immigration requirements.

ICOS advises students planning to buy a course to wait until the new list is published on 20th January before making a decision. From the date of publication, immigration permissions will only be issued for courses and colleges appearing on the new list. See more

Education Minister expects more school closures

Ireland’s Minister for Education and Skills has said in an interview with The Irish Times that she expects more English language schools to close, something that ICOS has also been saying. This is why we have been warning students to be very careful in their choices of schools and courses. Find advice at our website – – on making safe choices by looking for quality *and* secure learner protection.

“Where’s the money?” – Questions to answer as Carlyle Institute liquidator reports to High Court

Visual of article in Sunday Business Post 24/5/15

Sunday Business Post 24/5/15, page 9

Caryle Institute closed in April claiming financial problems, yet the court appointed liquidator has established that €122,000 was transferred to 3 members of the Morris family, owners of the business, in a 9 month period from 1st July 2014. He was also unable to find an explanation for the dissipation of a further €175,000 moved from the company’s accounts and €54,000 in “unreadable cheques”. Continue reading