Closed colleges: The Sunday Times on what inspectors found when visiting

The Sunday Times has used Freedom of Information rules to obtain inspection reports on a number of closed colleges. It is a remarkable read. Here are just some of the revelations…

  • An inspection of NCBA sampled the attendance records of 21 random names registered as non-EEA students – 12 had never been to a single class.
  • At Carlyle institute, what appeared to be a personal office was claimed to be a classroom for 8 students. Inspectors said it was “barely conceivable that a class could take place in such a small area”.
  • 950 non-EEA nationals were registered as students with Leinster College. “It had capacity for just 150.”
  • Rezaul Haque, of Millennium College, told inspectors that all student attendance records were “missing”, blaming an ex-employee.

Overall, the article looks at a total of 8 closed colleges, also including BCT Institute, Eden College, International Education Academy and National Media College.

Non-subscribers can read the first part of the article online. For the full article check out the print edition of The Sunday Times (page 5).

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