ICOS statement on Task Force website and offer to students

The Irish government has announced a new information website for students displaced from the closed colleges and an offer to English language students that would require them pay again for their courses at a reduced rate.

ICOS Director Sheila Power commented: “ICOS welcomes the launch of the website which will act as a central reference point for displaced students from the closed colleges.  The lack of clear information and direction on what to do had been a huge issue for the students who had a lot of questions both about their immigration status and educational options. While this website is a positive start, there is much work still to be done to turn it into a comprehensive resource which will address the many issues which displaced students are uncertain about.”

“Students have now been presented with a clear alternative option in terms of language study but that alternative will cost money and for many students the idea of paying again for something for which they have paid already seems unjust.  The fundamental rights of students to learner protection will need further discussion,” concludes Power.

One Response to ICOS statement on Task Force website and offer to students

  1. This isnt a properly solution, the students already paid and now some schools are taking advantage too by charging 60 euros. If they have space why they dont take for free ? but in situations like this people still are interested on make money on the top of the students