ICOS statement on English in Dublin and college closures situation


In response to fears that English in Dublin college may close, ICOS Director Sheila Power has issued the following statement:

“The Irish Council for International Students (ICOS) shares the concerns expressed to us by many students about the future of this long-established college. It is important that adequate learner protection arrangements are in place to enable students to transfer to other schools to finish out their courses, should the need arise. This is the reassurance students most need at this time, along with the knowledge that their immigration permission will remain valid.”

“The closure of six private colleges since April has created an uncertain background as we head into the new academic year. ICOS is calling for more decisiveness from Government and clearer information and guidance for affected students, who were deemed to be on ‘academic holiday’ to 1st September. As that date approaches, many find themselves without a clear education pathway – either due to unaffordability or a growing backlog of unanswered emails. Students who are already quite disenchanted with their educational experience in Ireland are getting increasingly frustrated.”

“Quite simply, there is an information shortage. ICOS is unable to support students if we are not clear on the answers to many of the questions ourselves. We have submitted a list of frequently asked student questions to the Task Force in the hope of getting an early response.”