Low take-up of €60 per week plan reflects student dissatisfaction

ICOS MEDIA RELEASE – 12/7/14    

Contact: Dave Moore, Communications Officer, 087 0668559

Only six students from the closed colleges have taken up the Task Force plan to pay again for lost classes at a rate of €60 per week, announced on 17th June.

An earlier set of figures showing low take-up was circulated and ICOS advised the Task Force on 3rd July that student feedback had been solidly negative with not just the €60 per week charge at issue but also the lack of choice for students with respect to school location and the focus on afternoon classes.

ICOS Comment

Responding to the revised figures, Dave Moore, spokesperson for the Irish Council for International Students (ICOS), explained: “A significant number of language students affected by the college closures have left Ireland but we do not believe this is the primary reason for such low take up. This has more to do with dissatisfaction with the plan itself. Students obviously aren’t happy to pay again for lost classes, but they also see big issues of choice because only afternoon classes are available and MEI will allocate the college.”